Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothaches can really be painful in most cases. These conditions that bring about such pain are highly dreaded. A number of remedies can be used at home to cure toothaches. However it needs to be understood that if you apply and these pains persist you will need to find medical solutions.  
Cloves have been widely accepted for causing numbness to nerves. Cloves usually have a property that is used as an anesthesia. While using clove oil, it is vital that you apply it carefully in such a way that it does not reach any sensitive gum. Use a cotton ball in this application. Hold this ball against the tooth until the pain recedes. You may also add a pinch on the tooth if the cloves are in form of powder. In case you do not have these but have the cloves themselves, you can easily chew the cloves to ensure that your mouth receives enough oil that needs to be left within the mouth for up to thirty minutes. This will surely help in receding the pain. 
Have you ever thought of the uses of salt apart from it being used on the table? A teaspoon of salt that has been mixed or rather dissolved in a cup of boiling water will form a solution that can be used as a painkiller. It will also reduce the swelling of your gums if they have swollen. Swish this solution for under one minute to facilitate the same. The area within the tooth will be cleansed too. Conduct this treatment as often as you need it. Perhaps, you may consider rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. Swishing this hydrogen peroxide solution will relieve any pain as well as clear any foul taste in your mouth. After spitting hydrogen peroxide, make sure that you further rinse your mouth with plain water.
You may want to consider icing your tooth too. It is quite an ideal idea. Apply this ice for about a quarter of an hour so as to make sure that the nerves around the tooth have been numbed. You may also choose to massage the cheek around which the affected tooth is. Further still, you can use a tincture of myrrh to rinse your mouth. Myrrh is known for having anti-inflammatory properties. In the same vein, vinegar can be of essential help to you too. It acts as a good distraction from the pain.